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Thank you for the Musclechuck. It arrived today and I had to test it out as soon as it came.

This is simply wonderful and excellent design. Have been looking for something like this for my CNC router for many years. It works exactly like you guys show in various videos and on your website which is unusual in these days. The holding power is what you guys state and it is SO enjoyable to remove the wrenches from my machine.

It makes is fun to rout again given I always use multiple tools for my projects. Well I will have to have a beer to celebrate getting rid of my wrenches and thanks again for coming up with such a wonderful device.

Michael J. Riebel
The Design Shop

I have been making and designing furniture for 40 years. Shapers and routers have been part of that process but their use frequently led to less than perfect results. Chatter marks and tear out from the vibration of the motors was something that I thought had to be accepted until I had the opportunity to install, tune and use the Muscelchuck. The ease of installation was only exceeded by the product that it produced. It's operation has significantly improved the use of the router in production and eliminated time consuming touch-ups. It has been a valuable addition to my shop.

Gorman Getty
Garrett/Getty Fine Woodworking

The Musclechuck has performed flawlessly. It has eliminated the use of wrenches, which makes changing bits a breeze and has also eliminated chatter marks that were present while using the standard collet. I was able to spin larger diameter cutters at higher speeds and still did not observe any chatter or slippage. It is a high precision quality chuck and I highly recommend it.

William Richerson,
Cabinet Maker

I have been using John's Musclechuck on my Carvewright machine for several years. Have nothing but perfect service from the chuck. It runs much smoother with no vibration,and has never had a bit slip. It's a great improvement over the original chuck,eliminating all the problems that my machine was having completely as soon as the Muscle chuck was installed.

Mark Anizan
M&M's Custom Crafts